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Vue 3 Landing Page UI - v2.0.1 SSG/SSR Ready

Vulk is a premium toolkit that lets you build powerful, SSR-Ready memorable websites.

Beautiful, Powerful, Reliable

The Utimate Web UI Kit

Vulk is built on top of Vue 3 and its new Composition API. One of the most significant changes is that this new API allows function-based ways of writing your components, inspired by React Hooks. It makes it easy to create components in a matter of minutes.

Vulk's philosophy is ultra modular and optimized for better performance. It also provides other quality standards such as web accessibility. Although it is built with Sass, all used variables are native CSS variables, which makes it a lot easier to theme.

Amazing Features

All you need to build your project is there

600+ Components

Ready to go building blocks with dark mode support.

100+ Demos

Vulk ships with a lot of beautiful demos to start from.

Native Dark Mode

Every single piece of UI is natively dark mode ready.

Active Support

Our support helps you solve any issues you have.

Clean Code

Vulk's codebase is huge, but structured and robust.

100 000 Icons

Vulk ships with more than 100000 icons purged at build.

Fully Responsive

Vulk is built with Bulma 0.9, a mobile first framework.

Extensive Docs

A complete documentation to help you get started fast.

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Developer Experience

Build a professional website

Vue 3

Vue 3 and its powerful composition API makes your experience pleasant along with killer features.


Typescript makes things much more simpler but remains optional. A good occasion to learn about it!

Vite JS

Vite is blazing fast, does HOT reloading and parses all your components. 100x faster than Webpack.

VS Code Integration

Vulk is fully integrated with VS Code to help you produce quality checked code. Supports Typescript.

ES Lint

ES Lint watches your javascript code and makes sure it matches the best standards. Code with standards.


Prettier tidies your code and makes it look much more cleaner and easier to read. Read code easily.


Stylelint looks for poorly formatted styles and fixes everything for you. Learn to write valid CSS.


Vulk ships with a Docker file to make your test deployments faster and easier. Get started fast!

Quickstart Tutorial

Get Started with Vulk

Premium Designs

Beautiful demo pages

Carefully Handcrafted

Vulk is a Top-Tier product

Modern Framework

Vue 3

Vulk is built with Vue 3 and its brand new Composition API. It also features loads of high quality component that have been prebuilt for you. Vulk also relies on the best coding practices from the Vue core team.

Easy Partials

Vite JS

Vulk is powered by Vite JS. Vite is a no bundler DEV environment for Vue.js, created by Evan You. Vite serves your code via native ES Module imports during development, allowing you to develop Vue.js single file components without a bundle step.

Bulma Framework

Modular CSS

Vulk uses Dart-Sass, which is the latest Sass compilation standard. Vulk's styles are written in Sass and lazy-loaded at the component level. However, all variable are written using native CSS variables.

Custom SSR


Since the new Vue 3 release is very recent, the entire ecosystem migration will likely take some time. For example, Nuxt 3 is still quite far from bein prime-ready. This is why we implemented our own cusom SSR setup.

Solid structure

600+ Components

Vulk ships with more than 600 fully implemented vue 3 components using the Composition API. Most components are configured to waith for static or dynamic data sources.


100+ Prebuilt pages

Vulk ships with a lot of prebuilt pages to help you build your project as fast as possible, without losing quality. You can also easily copy and paste components from different pages to create original layouts.

For Everything


Vulk is a multipurpose landing UI kit. It is also made for any type of modern website or web application. Featured content will of course continue to grow with future updates.

Mobile First

Ultra Responsive

Vulk is built on top of the very popular Bulma CSS Framework. Bulma is a free, open source framework that provides ready-to-use frontend components that you can easily combine to build responsive web interfaces.

All Inclusive

Cool Vectors

At Css Ninja, we've always made our best to build high quality products. We believe that illustrations and graphic assets are part of a high quality visual and this is why we include all the graphics in our templates.


Easy Theming

With the power of Sass and CSS vars, Vulk customization is very easy. You can implement your branding litteraly in a matter of minutes simply by changing the color variables implemented by Vulk. Change the var(--primary) color variable, and that's it.

Updates & Support

Active Support

Vulk includes an extensive documentation that covers all the basic things you need to know before running the template and starting to work with it. You can also contact us anytime and open a ticket on our Support Portal.

Long screenshotLong screenshot

Reusable Components

Explore the Component Library

Reusable Components

Vulk ships with a ton of ready to use and reusable components. You can use them as is or duplicate to create your own variations and styles.

Modular Code

Vulk's code is very modular and very versatile. The template only loads what you need as every component is bundled with its own styles.

Easy Theming

Although it is built with Sass, Vulk leverages the power of native CSS variables, giving you the power to create any theme in a few minutes.

You'll love this product

3 Reasons to choose Vulk

Benefit image

Focused on UI and CSS

Vulk is a template that focuse on usability and development speed. You'll find inside tons of ready to use components that you simply have to copy and paste to create your layouts. You can as well use the available components as a base for you own and start extending them easily.

Benefit image

Fast Development

Vulk ships with a Vite JS development server that will assist you when customizing the template. Vite handles project compilation of .vue files and stylesheets. The built-in HMR hot reload refreshes the page each time you hit the save trigger in your favorite editor.

Benefit image
Benefit image

Extensive Documentation

Vulk's documentation will be a precious ally, as the template has a solid codebase, and a lot of files. Read carefully the docs, all you need to know for an optimal development experience is there, even if you still are a beginner.

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